Sjøgata 12
9008 Tromsø
Telefon: 77 66 42 22

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Lunch i Spisestuene

Man-Lør         11.00-16.00


Man-Lør         16:00-23:00
Søndag lukket

Onsdager       21:00-02:00
Torsdager      21:00-02:00
Fredager        18:00-03:30
Lørdager        21:00-03:30






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Welcome to Compagniet Restauration

Compagniet has the great pleasure of welcoming you to our venerable premises.

Sure, we have replaced the wallpaper and the carpets are not the original ones, but we have been able to retain the original atmosphere and the original proprietors keep watch from their portraits mounted on the wall.


Our history

Compagniet’s history can be traced back to shopkeeper Lorck who from this very site back in 1794, the year Tromsø gained city status, applied for citizenship. Three shopkeepers then followed, Moe, Steensohn and Dreyer, who in 1837 constructed the building which now houses our simple but advanced restaurant.

The family-owned building is respectfully held in honour of agent Arthur Mack by the third generation of his family.

Compagniet currently comprises dining rooms with a seating capacity of 60 guests, the Brasserie and conservatory seat up to 30 guests and our nightclub can seat 120.

We are proud to be able to continue the house’s traditions. In order for Compagniet to be able to further develop in this modern age, it is more important than ever that our guests are able to relax and enjoy their visit. We want you to enjoy your experience here so much that you say so to us – and then we will know if we have met or exceeded your expectations.

Our opening hours are Monday thru Saturday 16:00-23:00

In order to ensure everyone is satisfied, we ask that in the event you are dissatisfied with something, you inform us straight away so we have the opportunity to rectify the problem because, after all, we are the only ones who can.


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